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A doodle of an idea I had for an ambient puzzle platform game. Inspired by the visual aesthetic of Quake as rendered through an oscilloscope. The game is meant to be minimalist and somewhat atmospheric.

You are an unknown stranger who wakes up in an ancient digital world, with no choice but to explore and try and make your way back home.

Requires GZDoom 2.2 or higher and a Doom 2 or Freedoom Phase 2 iwad in order to run. If you are on a Debian based OS, you can install GZDoom from the GetDeb repository.

Be sure to put your Freedoom and/or Doom 2 iwad (.wad) files in '~/.config/gzdoom' under Linux. The game can then be run by opening the zip or the extracted EOAFR.wad file with GZDoom, and selecting the appropriate Freedoom Phase 2 or Doom 2 iwad when the iwad selection box pops up.. Links to Freedoom Phase 2 and the GetDeb website can be found at the bottom of this page, as well as a link to the GZDoom website.

Freedoom Downloads Page

GetDeb/PlayDeb Instructions



Echoes of a Forgotten Realm.zip 10 MB

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